About Us

Indian Film Festival Worldwide (IFFW) is an organization devoted to a greater appreciation of Indian cinema and culture by showcasing films, supporting emerging filmmakers, recognizing the leadership of entertainment industry performers, business executives, and promoting the diverse perspectives of the Indian diaspora.

IFFW celebrates the imaginative, educational, and historical importance of motion pictures. It gives independent film artists a platform for sharing their work and creating a dialogue with the community. It introduces audiences to innovative new films and past masterworks of cinema.

It seeks to foster and present stories that stand out, that are told in the most creative ways; stories that are daring, courageous, risk-taking, and filled with discovery and wonder. The selected filmmakers are invited to attend the festival and are given the opportunity to discuss their films with the audience after each screening.

IFFW is above all a platform for exchanges, for discoveries, for resistance and a place that assures the continuation of "auteur" cinema in a manner so as to be a mirror image of specific societies and cultures.

The most significant thing is that IFFW organizes film festivals across the globe that are designed to provide programming and activities that no other film festival offers .The IFFW serves the community of Indian and international filmmakers that have the potential of reaching a crossover audience.

A film festival takes work, but the outcome is not only beautiful, but groundbreaking for the audience. Has a film ever brought you to tears, made you laugh until your ribs hurts, or seriously made you think about things you may have been hiding away in your consciousness? If so, please join us at the Indian Film Festival Worldwide and help us foster the Indie spirit.